Teachers assess children’s progress every day as a normal part of their teaching. This is fed back to the children in order to enhance learning and also to encourage children to take some responsibility for their own learning. Informal assessments are also taken periodically throughout each term and at the end of topics taught.

Additionally we measure children’s progress in English and Mathematics formally by testing at least once a year. Each child’s results are carefully tracked through the school to ensure good progress is being made. Year 2 (age 7) children are assessed by their teachers according to national criteria and may take some of the national tests. However, it is the teachers’ assessment , based upon their knowledge of the children, that takes priority and is reported back to parents. Year 6 (age 11) pupils take the national SATS tests and in Years 3 and 5 a series of tests measuring Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning are conducted. We report the results of all these tests, as well as teacher assessment levels, to parents.

A ‘Starting Together’ booklet explaining all about the Foundation Stage is given to parents just before they start school. The education of young children is a partnership between home and school. We therefore do everything we reasonably can to make sure you receive good information about what is going on in school and about your own child’s progress.

Every Friday we send out a school newsletter which is very popular with parents.

There are regular consultation evenings when we discuss your child’s progress with you and set joint targets. A written school report is produced for each child in the summer. In addition, staff are always happy to discuss any issues with parents. Please remember that teachers are not available before or during the school day. Teachers are very happy to see parents after school but it is helpful to make an appointment if at all possible.