Friends of Brenchley and Matfield Primary

Friends of Brenchley and Matfield Primary

A message from Lisa Pilcher, the Chair of Friends of Brenchley & Matfield Primary School:

I hope you will let me take this opportunity to remind you what the PTA does, why it does it, and how you can help.

What is the main objective of the PTA?

Principally to enhance the educational opportunities for our children at the school.

“It is our mission to raise funds for our school to create a positive and happy learning environment for our children.”

How is this achieved?

By raising funds for our school to assist in purchasing equipment and financially supporting projects. In recent years the PTA have contributed towards the following:

  • Swimming pool
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Desks & chairs
  • Trim Trail and other playground equipment
  • Computing equipment
  • PA system
  • New Books & library shelving
  • PE equipment
  • Christmas and year 6 parties for the children
  • Refreshments at most school events
  • Year 6 play funding


How can I support the PTA?

The PTA committee meet once a month, usually at a local pub, to arrange and organise forthcoming events, consider new fundraising opportunities, discuss general PTA matters, and enjoy a glass of wine! The support team will meet less regularly, but will still enjoy the glass of wine, or some good coffee and cake!

Whilst we are fortunate to have a regular core of parents and teachers we would certainly welcome more support and new ideas. If you have any spare time and energy, please would you complete this >> form << and a committee member will contact you shortly. We would like to check all parent volunteers with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) straight away. We do this to avoid disappointment as the checks can take some time and if not completed would exclude the volunteer from participating in certain PTA events (for example, at the children’s Christmas gift fair).

In addition, if you have any ideas for alternative ways to raise funds for the school, perhaps fund-raising events you have seen at other schools, the PTA are always happy to look at and incorporate new suggestions.

I am sure that being a part of the school you too want to contribute towards creating a positive environment for our children. We are lucky to have such generous and committed parents and staff here, and I look forward to adding your support.

Raising funds for our school to create a positive and happy learning environment for our children