Our Christian Ethos and Values

Our Christian Ethos and Values

We believe that every member of our school community is unique, created in God’s image, and precious to Him. Christians are called to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’: this means that we have a responsibility to one another to look for, bring out, and encourage in one another the very best we can. To do this best we need to welcome and employ in the life, work, and relationships of our school community the teaching, example, and Spirit of Jesus. This guiding ethos will be shown in and through us by the following values:


looking at people the way Jesus looked at them by keeping the teaching of Jesus in our hearts and patiently encouraging the best in others


caring for people the way Jesus cared for them


accepting a person’s ‘I’m sorry’ and giving them a fresh start as Jesus did so that we too may be reconcilers and peacemakers


always speaking the truth in love as Jesus did and having the courage to stand up for what is true and right and just and fair


not thinking too much of ourselves but putting others first, trusting in God’s challenging wisdom so that we may grow in faith, hope, and love.