Our School

Our School

Welcome to the official website of Brenchley & Matfield CofE Primary School, Brenchley, Kent. We hope you find it useful and engaging.


Brenchley & Matfield School was founded in 1842 (before the state was actively involved in education) by the Church to serve our local, and wider community. This remains our mission today. We are a Church of England school, part of the Tenax Schools Trust; which is funded directly by the DFE.  Our aim is to serve all children and their families of any or no religion, heritage and culture.

We currently have around 187 pupils on roll. A staff of 7 teachers, ably supported by teaching assistants and support staff, delivering the curriculum to 7 classes, ranging from the rising 5s to 11-year-olds.

We enjoy good facilities with spacious classrooms. All classrooms have CleverTouch screens to support the facilitation of whole class learning, along with class computers and a shared bank of laptops. We also have a modern ICT Suite. We are fully networked and have Broadband access to the Internet. Security protection and controls are exercised diligently.

We have a large hall, which is separate from the dining hall and kitchen, as well as a library, a Special Needs area and other separate areas for group or individual learning. We have a lovely playground and large field, surrounded by trees and meadows. This includes a conservation area, netball courts, a full-sized football pitch and some excellent play apparatus, including an Adventure Trim trail, provided by the PTA.


We are located on Market Heath, the main road linking the picturesque villages of Brenchley and Matfield. Please see the map below for the location of the school and the surrounding area.