Brenchley and Matfield Primary School is fully committed to safeguarding and the promotion of the welfare of all children in our care. Working together with a variety of agencies, we ensure the appropriate arrangements are in place to assess, identify needs and support our children and families.

The school has 2 Designated Safeguarding Leads Miss Mallon (Head Teacher ), Miss White ( Assistant Head Teacher )

Our most recent Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and our Online Safety policy can be found in the ‘policy’ section of our website and has been updated in line with the changes to KCSIE (Keeping Children Safe in Education) 2018.

Should you have any concerns about the health, well-being or safety of any child attending the school, please do not hesitate to contact any of the aforementioned staff on 01892 722929 or via the office email ([email protected]), marked ‘DSL Confidential’. These same officers will provide support, advice and/or signposting in relation to any e-safety concerns including any allegations of cyber-bullying.  You can also access ‘Advice for Parents and Carers on Cyber Bullying’ (a publication from the DFE, 2014) from the ‘School Policies’ tab  on this website.

We have a pastoral care team – comprised of three senior leaders (Miss Mallon, Miss White and Mrs Knowles)  who are available to work in partnership with parents and carers through the challenges and celebrations of parenting. This team is able to support with referrals and sign-posting to other agencies and local services (e.g. housing needs financial guidance, GP/health services), further enhance positive relationships and communication between home and school, and give guidance for parents of children showing signs of social, emotional, health or behavioural issues. Please do not hesitate to contact them on 01892 722929.