School Values and Rules

School Values and Rules

Our School Values are Humility, Compassion , Grace, Forgiveness and Integrity
Our School Rules are Ready , Respectful and Safe

A Church School and what it means for your child

We do emphasise that the school is open to all, irrespective of religious background. However, we are a school founded and continually supported by the Church of England and that does have an impact both in the way the school is resourced and in the things that happen here.

Our children benefit from all the resources, support and advice available from within the Kent County Council and elsewhere. In addition, as a Church of England school, we are able to call on the strong support of the education department of the Diocese of Rochester, who offer us curriculum services as well as assistance with looking after our buildings and premises

The parish churches of All Saints’, Brenchley and St Luke’s, Matfield, play an active part in the life of the school. They each appoint governors and the vicars and youth worker, each take a turn leading our acts of collective worship once a week. Major school events are marked with services held in the parish church at Brenchley as the children are able to walk there from school.

The Head Teacher and the Governing Body have full control of the school’s delegated budget. The school also has a ‘Voluntary Fund’ and a ‘Foundation Fund’ which are very useful in providing resources for the curriculum and developing the buildings. Parents may contribute to these funds on an entirely voluntary basis.

As a Church of England school, it is our aim to practise and uphold Christian values in all aspects of our work, with every individual being valued and respected in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We are keen to make the children aware of others who are less fortunate than themselves or come from different backgrounds, so we encourage them to take part in charitable activities. They embrace this enthusiastically. Another tradition is our links with town schools who visit and talk about the difference between town and village life.

The school holds an assembly every day and this includes an act of worship for all pupils which reflects Anglican beliefs, traditions, values and practices. Every effort is made to ensure that the content of the worship is appropriate to the ages and family backgrounds of the children, and that opportunities are given for them to take an active part. Throughout the year, each class presents its own assembly to which their parents are invited. They are able to reflect and celebrate their recent learning and experiences and these occasions are thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Religious Education is taught to all pupils as part of the basic curriculum, as required by law. The content of these lessons is in accordance with the Canterbury Diocese Syllabus for R.E. The syllabus gives priority to teaching about Christianity, but also provides opportunities for the study of other major world religions.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship and religious education. We hope that parents would discuss any concerns with the Headteacher before exercising this right.

Reviewed and updated  September 2021