Transfer to Secondary School

Transfer to Secondary School

At the end of their time at Brenchley & Matfield School we expect our children to be ready for the challenges ahead in their continuing education and in their growing maturity as members of society.

Towards the end of Year 5 we will help you make decisions as to which secondary schools will offer them the most appropriate environment for their continued development.

Each year some children will take the 11+ selection examinations for Kent Grammar Schools and we have a good track record of achieving passes. All Year 6 children will take national SATs examinations before they move on.

Transferring to Secondary education can be a challenging time and we strive to ensure that everyone is well informed about the process and that everyone feels able to make the right choices for their families.

The children are able to take part in a ‘Secondary Experience’ run by a local Secondary School to give the children experience of lessons at secondary level, mixing with different groups of children. This has proved very valuable in putting fears to rest and giving the children added confidence to face the challenges of moving school. Once the children have been offered their secondary school places, they will take part in ‘Taster Days’ at those schools as part of the transfer process.


Over recent years our Year 6 children have gone on to attend the following schools:

  • Angley School, Cranbrook
  • Bennett Memorial Diocesan School
  • Hillview School for Girls
  • Hugh Christie Technical College
  • Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone
  • Judd School (Grammar)
  • Maidstone Grammar School for Girls
  • Mascalls School
  • Oakwood Park Grammar School, Maidstone
  • Skinners School
  • St Gregorys Catholic Comprehensive School
  • Tonbridge Grammar School
  • Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
  • Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Girls
  • Weald of Kent Grammar School for Girls